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Why is it important to have GPS installed in your vehicles?

The Transportation Industry now runs differently. Thanks to the Global Positioning System (GPS). This is particularly helpful for vehicle owners and end users themselves for missions such as search and rescue. Not only that, it will help us gauge speed and pinpoint their location in the quickest and most precise way possible. It will help us know if the vehicle is operating as it is supposed to be; and ensures to trace easily incase of some natural disasters or mishaps happens.


Every one can fall prey to criminals.The property we have may not be always safe from crimes and anti-social behavior. In order to protect you and your loved ones, be safe and enjoy peaceful life, having a CCTV cameras installed in your homes, offices and chosen places can be a wisest Choice.For any type of organization or environment, we have the ideal surveillance solution. We ensure to supply  a camera which gives  high-quality images and that have  low bandwidth but high storage.
Most importantly, we will focus on supplying variety of cameras with excellent features like  night vision for clarity, audio, improved IR lenses for clear images, and integrated video analytics for smart surveillance.

Systems and software works?

Well, finding an experienced programmer can be expensive and difficult. on the other hand, what you always wanted is a quality, user friendly with excellent customer service provider, more trusted and reliable one. We all want to have beautiful websites being built for one self an for our business, an app for our business and an safe and secure system developed including POS. You are in the right place, eDruk who provides Quality services at the most affordable rates in the country.


Wi-Fi, short for wireless local area network,  for your business. It is one of the important technologies of the computer networking Your business needs a quick, dependable internet connection to continue operating efficiently. Having fast WiFi facilities  enables seamless communication between staff members who work remotely or in various workplaces. Similarly, It makes data retrieval quick, allowing your staff to work effectively.

Do you want your home to be connected to WiFi? Don’t know who to contact for networking activities. we are here!


If you want your website to run on a safe server, picking a reputable web host provider is essential. The only entity that can offer a network space robust enough to battle off online threats, hacking, and other cyber-attacks is a said to be a secure web host. Your website’s information and your clients’ private information needs to be kept secure  and its the duty of web hosting company. are you tired of finding one?

eDruk can be one of the places, where you can drop by to discuss on hosting your website.

Company History


 eDruk was born in 2004 as a startup with just one staff in startup centre, Changzamtok. Since its inception as consultancy, eDruk has completed several projects building good reputation in the market with high customer's trust. it is one of the first ICT firms in the country


eDruk was functioning as a IT consultancy firm since 2004 till mid 2019 catering to so many clients. As a consultant, eDruk has worked on so many projects such as MRSTA, mobile apps for restaurant, G2C application, job Portal, LabourNet, Immigration Information System etc.


The core expertise of the firm is web based application development. as a skilled and reputed firm in the country, eDruk then took its turn to get her self incorporated as Private Limited Company and got registered as a companys Act of Kingdom of Bhutan.


as a reputed and excellence driven company, eDruk won several Government and Private projects through open tendering processes some of which are GOVNET project under DITT, vehicle tracking system building, app building, bio door for hotels amongst many.


In order to ensure excellent and quality customer services delivery, actions on reforms and restructuring and company's functions and processes were initiated. This includes streamlining of processes and emphasis on policies.

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