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eDruk Consultancy was founded and registered in the year 2004, with its office in Changzamtog Industrial Estate, Thimphu, Bhutan. It was one of the first software firms in Bhutan. The core expertise of the firm was web based application development and the first firm in Bhutan to undertake major G2C applications (Job Portal, LabourNet, Immigration Information System etc).

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eDruk ICT Consultancy & Tshongkhang was founded since 2004, We are the first Software Company extablished

Customer Service.

Your website is important to us and we assure you that we completely understand your needs. We guarantee a fast and effective response to your requests.


We develop long term relationships that are mutually beneficial. Our experience in web design, programming, databases, network management, sales and informatics will give you the right solution.

Modern Technology.

We only use the latest technologies for your web site. This results in high quality, easy, fast and impressive user experience for your visitors.

Price Guarantee.

Having accomplished several projects and requests over the years, we can ensure that the quality of service is quite comparable to the cost of the implemented tasks we will finally deliver to you.


All our products are made with expandability in mind. We realise in the modern market the need for quick changes and adaptability is vital. We are always ready to make fast and effective changes and additions that meet your needs.


We love what we do. We are not a marketing company that sells the same low quality products again and again to their customers. Internet as a wonderful technology, brings people together and we love working with every one of you.

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We eDruk ICT Consultancy have done many government and Private project Since 2004. We also have 2000+ clients over Fleet Management System, Which controls their own vehicle and get to know real time location of vehicle.
eDruk ICT Consultancy is first software development company in Bhutan.

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GovNET Fiber Stinging

This include fiber layout and stinging in all agencies under western 10 Dzongkhags/ District which include DzWAN and GC extension. Task – Fiber layout, stinging, splicing of fiber in Joint Enclosure and FODP, installation of Rack, extension of power line for Rack, testing of fiber …


Include LAN setup with supply of other networking equipment, configuration of Cisco switches, AP, installation and extension of MCB with power supply and others in schools under five eastern Dzongkhags/ District.


Build in Android studio