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eDruk Private Limited was founded and registered in the year 2004 as a consultancy, with its office in Changzamtog Industrial Estate, Thimphu, Bhutan and incorporated to Private Limited in 2019. It was one of the first software firms in Bhutan. The core expertise of the firm was web based application development and the first firm in Bhutan to undertake major G2C applications (Job Portal, LabourNet, Immigration Information System etc).

eDruk Private Limited has fulltime local skilled professionals in the field of Web Based Application development, with very strong skills, knowledge, and expertise. Apart from the full time professionals, we also have part time consultants, strong in web based application development.


Why choose us?

Customer Service.  Your Website is important to us and we assure you that we completely understand your needs. We guarantee a fast and effective response to your requests.


Our Vision

eDruk  started in 2004 fulfilling the needs of small and larger companies. Some of the ingredients of our success is our vision and our continuous concern in general, for dealing with the Web’s challenges.


Hardware and Software Technologies

We use high-quality technologies from both hardware and software views. Our main goal is to deliver the absolute and essential result to our customers. So: Hardware: We base on a high-speed network, specially designed for data transfer (known as Transfer Layer). Our servers are connected into different and independent connections. So we can be sure that our services are not depended on one, single network and the client doesn’t have to worry about his website.