Area of Expertise

Web Solution

Our professionals are taking part to develop web sites,web applications,system and hosting of websites


Point of sale Self hosted system,with inventory,membership,accounting and advance reporting POS system,inclusive of hardware under service.

CCTV installation

We have DrukBees online shop, we sell only to Bhutanese customers, and the shipping charge is just BTN 10 only within Bhutan from our …


Bhutan is changing into digital.Digital means we need strongn network. We the edruk family hass enthusiasm to give network for your comfort.

Successful Key Projects


It gives access to Information related to Driver License and Vehicle Registration of an individual including other online services of RSTA.

Dzo Typing Tutorial

This tutorial is mainly on developing dzongkha with digital.


MyRICB is a mobile application of RICB for :
1. Repayment of Loan Installments
2. Deposit of Life Insurance Premium
3. Deposit of Deferred Annuity Premium
4. Viewing details of Loans and Insurance Policies
5. Payment on behalf of others (Friends, Relatives and Family)
6. Generating online statements such as Loan, Private Provident Fund and Group Insurance Scheme statements

Drukbees OTT

an OTT platform (website) for Druk Bees; to keep online shoppers entertained was developed by expertise from eDruk

Drukbees Shop

It is a e-commerce solution provider in Bhutan, with latest technology, and makes every service in Bhutan available to people in the most fastest, efficient and cost effective manner.


The web-based Vehicle Tracking System in Passenger Buses for the RSTA is a centralized system which will keep track of all passenger transport buses and their real time data.This will enable the authority to monitor speed, route and schedule adherence. Nevertheless, it provides information to earliest response to the road crashes and other emergence .


To ensuring a safe and secure society, and therefore, making Bhutan into one of the safest country in South Asian and effective management of the network. To bolster security in the country. To reduce fear of crime in people and may also encourage people to be more security conscious.


Immigration Information System

BOB GPS System

The web-based Vehicle Tracking System for the BoB is a centralized system which will keep tracking of all vehicle to provide real time data.

Bio Doors For Hotels

Biometric door locks use personally identifiable information instant of a traditional key.It provides accurate data which helps the owner to make a right decisions.

GovNet Fiber Works

The infrastructure setup has eased dependence on ever increasing demand for Internet bandwidth for our internal accessibility making Government to Citizen/Business systems accessible with minimal glitches. GovNet needs to provide reliable, fast and safe communication across government agencies within Bhutan.


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